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What Is BeautiFill®?

As you advance in years, you may discover a slow loss of facial plumpness or drooping in some regions of your silhouette. This standard progression can cause you to appear fatigued or less youthful. To address these visual issues, we are proud to offer an advanced technique called laser liposuction and fat transfer employing the revolutionary BeautiFill device at our practice in St. Louis, MO. This minimally invasive solution sends laser light within the skin to easily collect undesired fat tissue from the hips, thighs, and belly regions. The preserved tissue is then re-implanted into certain face or body parts to give you soft, youthful-appearing volume. With this cosmetic procedure, it's possible to add enhancements to the cheeks, lips, eyes, or the around the mouth and nose. Another option is to use the tissue sample for body sculpting by enhancing fullness in the bottom or breasts. This advanced procedure requires minimal to no time to recover, making it a beneficial alternative to traditional fat grafting. To discover more about how you could benefit from laser lipo and fat grafting, contact The Health & Wellness Center to book a consultation.





Candidates for BeautiFill

Great candidates for laser liposuction and fat grafting are typically those who:

  • Are at their ideal weight
  • Want to address obvious hollow or sagging body or facial regions
  • Want a natural choice instead of synthetic fillers
  • Desire to minimize fat in a specific area and supplement fullness in another place

Throughout your first visit, we will discuss your specific needs and goals to decide if this solution would work well for you.



When I first walked into the office there was a beautiful light. I was wowed by the decor and I felt welcomed. Dr. Secil was amazing and the staff. I’m looking forward to returning and continuing my weight loss journey with The Healh and Wellness Center.

E.T. Google

I was looking to get medical clearance for surgery ( I have no pcp) and was so lost at hope until I found Dr. Secil on google search! I called asap and the receptionist I talked to was so kind and understanding and was able to schedule me the following day! Upon arrival all the staffs were very welcoming and nice. I was brought to the back and went thru some questioning and then met Dr. Secil. Everything went by so fast and before I know it, we were done. Dr. Secil was very sweet and informative! She did not make me feel any type of way for having surgery but empower woman’s self love and self care! I will definitely be back as Dr.Secil inform me they offered lymphatic massages too! Very happy with my visit and highly recommend!

P.H. Google

Had a very good experience at this clinic. Thorough and professional. Got a thorough eval and exactly what I needed for a very reasonable cost. Would definitely recommend. Enjoyed it so much I told them I wanted to apply to work here :)

R.L. Google

Everyone was very nice. They got me in quick, took my vitals and ran blood! They will help you figure out your path to bettering your health!

K.O. Google

I am a Registered Nurse and reached out to Secil for chin liposuction. I can say it was the best choice of my life!! I was amazed by the fast response, her price point but most of all the results. I am 58 and for years have wanted this procedure. I believe God puts people in our path for reason. I was amazed how comfortable the procedure was. Secil and Derek took time allowed the medication to numb the area to take affect. They asked throughout process how I felt. Kudos almost no pain. Amazing!! I also own a Medical Facial Spa. Secil will be my referral go to. When I recommend a person it is because I know the quality of work. I can not say enough about Secil and her expertise. I am so happy!!! Thank You!!

M.B. Google


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BeautiFill Treatment Technique

Laser-assisted lipo and fat grafting is an outpatient procedure in our St. Louis, MO office. To perform this procedure, we apply a topical numbing ointment to reduce discomfort the entire time. Once we clean the extraction area, we will use a fine laser wand to retrieve a live tissue specimen. Then, the tissue will be quickly processed with the BeautiFill fat removal system. When it has been prepared for transfer, a team member will carefully add the tissue into the selected sections of the body, like the cheeks, lips, breasts, or buttocks, to increase volume and give you a more even, youthful-looking look.









BeautiFill FAQ

What's the difference between BeautiFill and other energy-assisted liposuction procedures?

The primary variant between BeautiFill and alternative fat transfer procedures is the fat cell collecting process. The sophisticated system can collect viable fat cells and refine them to be placed in the chosen areas. Compared to alternative solutions, BeautiFill can produce an excellent rate of live fat cells and is well-known for its impressive results.

Am I going to feel pain during my procedure?

Since BeautiFill is carried out under localized anesthesia, many men and women had almost no irritation during their procedure at The Health & Wellness Center. You may have mild irritation, tenderness, and redness after you go home since the BeautiFill technology is minimally invasive in nature.

Will I need to take time off work or my regular activities?

As a rule, that is up to you. You may sustain mild post-treatment redness or tenderness, which can continue for a few days, based on the size and amount of the treated areas. However, these temporary effects should not prevent you from returning to your normal routine within 24 hours if you want to.

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